Individual Gymnastics Programs in Kalamazoo and Battle Creek

The gymnastics training programs at Branch Gymnastics are school year programs that are set up for progression instead of “train and dump” that tends to happen with six, eight, and twelve-week programs. We believe it’s vitally important and beneficial for our gymnasts to move forward at their own pace with personalized training which is why we use the term “developmental” for our program levels.

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Our preschool gymnastics classes, built on a foundation of fun and safety, are for children 18 months to 5 years old. These classes are held in our dedicated Junior Gym which features sized down equipment to best accommodate these pint-sized dynamos! Proper skill progression is very important in these classes as it sets the groundwork for future levels. These classes not only promote social development like taking turns, listening, sharing, and patience, but also incorporate fitness, fine and gross motor skills, coordination, and body awareness. Our lessons include parachutes, hoops, balls, trampolines, foam / ball pits, and climbing apparatus, as well as an introduction to all the Olympic equipment. Kids love the fun and parents love the learning!

Not just a “Mommy and Me” class! Your child can bring mom, dad, or even a grandparent into the gym for lots of fun and fitness. Having the young child be with a family member allows them the opportunity to grow comfortable in a group setting and at their own pace. Safety is very important, so each class is structured with planned activities yet allows for 5-8 minutes at the end for supervised free-play time. This is a wonderful way for the parent / family member and child to share, bond, and communicate in a fun and energetic setting!

  • Children 18 months to 3 years
  • 30 minutes, once per week
  • One teacher per 12 children
  • Adult attendance required

Ready to run, jump, swing, and bounce? We’ll get your child moving! These classes are for the child who is ready to come into the gym and follow instructions without parental assistance. We use the same equipment as the previous (but not required) Parent Participation class, and we add fun games and races. This class is structured and offers tons of fun!

  • Children who are 3+ years by 10/31
  • 35 minutes, once per week
  • One teacher per 6 children, co-ed

These kids are ready to move and learn! A little more emphasis is placed on gymnastics fundamentals, balancing, agility, and spatial awareness. We continue to incorporate games, races, trampoline, pits, and the various Olympic apparatus. Our lessons have plenty of fun activities built in while still challenging children to safely try new skills and activities. We encourage kids to keep trying and give it their best!

  • Children who are 4+ years by 10/31
  • 45 minutes long, once per week
  • One teacher per 8 children, co-ed


Kids this age want fun and challenging lessons to prove to themselves that they can take on anything! All of these classes are gender specific and divided by age and ability, with a maximum of nine kids per teacher. With these groups, coaches can now begin to increase the emphasis on flexibility, balance, strength, and coordination. As children progress into these classes (previous levels required only for advanced DII/DIII classes), we start refining and honing gymnastics and fitness skills, including increased use of the Olympic apparatus. New and returning students are all welcome to our classes. Our coaches will assess each child to verify correct class placement. We teach and review skills to make sure our gymnasts have learned the correct form and technique, so they can safely progress to more advanced skills. These classes also add to our foundation of social and emotional development by reminding them to take turns, listen, and be kind. We also recognize the diverse abilities in our classes and remind our students to do their personal best each time. We, as coaches, give them the tools to feel great about themselves and their abilities.

Whether your child is brand new to gymnastics or has been coming for years, we will make sure they have a blast! Assessing each child’s ability will ensure that the coaches can challenge each one individually yet keep the whole class on the same lesson plan. These classes can have a range of abilities and we want to make sure each child is learning and progressing at their own pace. Also, since our classes are divided by gender, the boys classes can now work almost exclusively on the men’s training events: rings, parallel bars, high bar, pommel horse, vault, and floor.

  • 50 minutes, once per week

This is next step in each gymnast’s progression! Boys and girls must be recommended to these levels so that our coaches know the basics have been taught. We work on refining and honing those basics skills, and our coaches will begin introducing higher level skills, such as round offs and back limbers on the floor, back hip circles and straight leg chin up pullover on bars, flat backs and front hand springs on vault, and leaps and handstands on beam. Boys classes will also include these floor and vault skills, and the coaches may add scissors on the pommel horse, L holds on rings, release moves on the high bar, and swing to handstand on the parallel bars.

  • 50-65 minutes, once per week

Gymnasts must have progressed through DII and DIIA to be recommended for this group. Having 90+ minutes per class will allow the coach to delve deeply into each skill, new and basic, so that each gymnast can master it. Not only will the coach work on the skills listed in DII and DIIA but will begin introducing back and front handsprings on the floor, kips and shoot throughs on the bars, and cartwheels on the beam. We will challenge all students to do their absolute best each time so that they can make that skill.

  • 80 minutes, once per week

Year-End Recitals

The Branch Year-End Recital is an exhibition that takes place each June. We invite family and friends into the gym to have their gymnasts show off many of the skills they have worked on throughout the year. Each class will perform a sequence of skills / routine on the different events. We ask all observers to sit in the designated safety zone seating, take pictures, and cheer them on as they go. At the end of the recital, we reward all gymnasts for their great effort throughout the year with a medal!

Recital apparel will be on sale and order forms will be sent out in the March / April newsletter. Boy’s Branch T-shirts and black shorts and girl’s custom designed leotards and T-shirts will be available for purchase. We do recommend all participates wear the recital apparel.

Branch Year-End Recital is for children in our Preschool, Twinkle Stars, Hot Shots, Saltos, Flippers, Tumblers and all School-Age Recreational Developmental Classes (D1, D1A, D2, D2A, D3, D4).