Cheerleading Programs at Branch Gymnastics

Branch Gymnastics and KidsSports USA provide cheerleading sessions for individuals and teams year-round to suit your needs at discounted pricing. Whether you’re an individual or cheerleading team working to enhance your skills or a varsity or junior varsity squad who desire a cheer program that will help you reach your goals this season, Branch Gymnastics has the best cheerleading training and facilities available to help you succeed.

Branch Gymnastics of Kalamazoo is also the home of Legacy Cheer Academy, an all-star program for children ages 4-18!


We are excited to bring All Star Cheerleading back to Branch. This program will engage all athletes, males and females, from ages 4-18 who express an interest in the world of competitive cheer. Legacy Cheer Academy’s focus is on each individual athlete, their personal growth, and how each athlete impacts the team to make it complete. LCA strives to create a fun and safe learning environment where athletes can grow and achieve personal and team goals, while developing mentally and physically into healthy, happy, respectful and responsible individuals.

Interested athletes should contact the LCA Coordinator, Taylor Hill at (269) 544-3000 for placement and information.


Branch Gymnastics offers classes for individuals and for cheerleading teams to enhance those big skills that will put them over the top for games and competitions. Our Tumbling for Cheer classes are for individual athletes to work with a coach on specific skills like round offs, back handsprings, back walkovers, back tucks, and cheer jumps. We also offer times that allow the entire team to come into the gym together to work on skills and tumbling.


A great way to kick off your competitive season is with strong team tumbling! Branch Gymnastics’ Cheer Program offers the best instructors that will help your team achieve their goals. Our state-of-the-art cheer training center has everything you need to achieve any skill from walkovers and springs to tucks and fulls.

Branch Gymnastics offers the best cheerleading training and facilities in West Michigan and we train with many high school, college, and youth cheerleading teams in the area. Bring your squad in for professional training and your athletes will learn skills safely with emphases on proper technique and form. Squad training is very efficient as our staff is able to work with all skill levels on a team. We help athletes to build confidence and strength in basic tumbling and cheerleading skills that will help them progress into more difficult skills. Athletes feel confident and safe trying skills on our two full size spring floors and cheer floor. Our training facilities offer various training aids such as in-ground tumble tracks, in-ground trampolines, power rod floors, in-ground foam pits, inflatable mats, and specialized mats designed for walkovers, springs, and tucks and fulls.

Legacy Cheer Academy Provides Students With:

A safe, nurturing environment
Self-confidence and self-awareness
Physical, mental and emotional strength
Responsibility & self-discipline
Unique performance opportunities
Caring, professional instructors
Lifelong memories
Teamwork experience

Cheerleaders interested in Legacy Cheer Academy should contact the LCA Coordinator, Taylor Hill at (269) 544-3000 for placement.