Intro to Aerial Silks Class at Branch Gymnastics

Available in both our Battle Creek and Kalamazoo locations, this introductory class is perfect for students with little to no aerial experience! Classes will cover shoulder stability/mobility, strength, active flexibility, and how to train safely like a pro. This aerial arts class will get students comfortable climbing, navigating into and out of footlocks, going upside down, and connecting fun beginner moves and transitions. Small coach to student ratios in all aerial skills classes help to ensure the most instruction possible and safest practices. Participants of all ages will learn through hands on spotting, to enforce proper technique and safety.


Coach Kasey recently moved to Battle Creek from Nashville, Tennessee. She has a degree in Exercise Science and a passion for teaching. While in Nashville, Kasey taught aerial arts along with flexibility and conditioning classes. She has been a circus performer for three years, and even joined a traveling circus this past spring! Though she loves being a performer, Kasey’s passion lies in coaching. She believes in teaching students not only the cool tricks they want to learn, but how to do them safely and efficiently!


To ensure a safe and productive practice, female participants should wear leggings or tights under a form fitting top and shorts or a leotard – no bare legs. Boys may wear a form fitting undershirt/ tanktop and biker shorts or leggings. All jewelry must be removed, including stud earrings (studs that cannot be removed should be taped or covered with bandaids).